Amarelo Ouro / by AK47


At the Street of Styles Graffiti Festival 2016, there was a Yellow wall.
Golden yellow.
Bright yellow.
Even in a place so rich in colors, shapes and styles, this panel shouts.

Over the Yellow, 5 artists.
From São Paulo, MEDO and NIU.
From Chile, SIIR, HERZ and ANTISA.

Strong vibration that Yellow panel.
Golden yellow.
Bright yellow.

Photo by  SIIR

Photo by SIIR


No Festival de Graffiti Street Of Styles 2016, havia uma parede Amarela.
Amarelo Ouro.
Amarelo vivo.
Mesmo num lugar tão rico em cores, formas e estilos, esse painel salta aos olhos.

Sobre o Amarelo, 5 artistas.
De São Paulo haviam MEDO e NIU.

Vibração forte a desse painel Amarelo.
Amarelo Ouro.
Amarelo Vivo.

(Photos by Karol Agante and AK47. Panorama photo by SIIR. Article by AK47. This post is part of the official coverage of the Street Of Styles - International Graffiti Festival, made by the Keep It Real team. A loud shout out to Capsula Graffiti Shop, for hosting us and promoting this dope festival.)