Season NY/LA Cancelled!!! / by AK47

That's right ... the "Season NY/LA" of the Keep It Real Project was cancelled!

Due to the decisions of the U.S. authorities, that escape from our will, we have "given up voluntarily" entering the United States. Because of this we are reprogramming our new season and within a few days we will tell you about our next destination.

We sincerely thank all the friends who follow our walk and encourage our project. Thanks also to the partner brands who support us, making the realization of Keep It Real possible.

As we are a project that travels the Streets, we are used to unforeseen changes in plans and unexpected pitfalls. Then, we take the time to remember the epic quote of Rock Balboa:

“It Ain’t How Hard You Hit. It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward. It's About How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward! That's how winning is done!”


LOL ... got it ma broda?

With all LOVE and RESPECT, The Keep It Real Team.

(Post written by AK47.)